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What is TunePlayers?

TunePlayers is an Online Recording Studio platform for music production, where you can build and produce your songs or albums inexpensively! Search for World-Class Musicians to help you produce your masterpiece.

You set the price! Produce your songs online - professionally, fast & inexpensively!

Who can you find here?
Guitarists, Bass Players, Drummers, Vocalists, Piano Players, Audio Engineers, Djs, Violinist, Singers, Trumpet players, Woodwind players and more!

At TunePlayers you will find numerous talented musicians and audio engineers to help you on your next song!
Whether you are working on your demo, a single, or a complete LP Album, TunePlayers is the place to start.

You set the budget for each song!
Whether you have $30 or $300 for your instrument track, musicians will be eager to help you accomplish your song!
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Join TunePlayers and apply to open Gig sessions to get hired and record from your own home recording studio. Now, Musicians can make money online!

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